BBC News: '6 things that could topple Trump's border wall'

Landing page of'What has Trump said about your country?'
I was co-developer on this interactive piece, discussing what obstacles Trump may encouter in building the US/Mexico border wall. My role was to support the lead developer in building this long form article, working alongside two journalists and a designer.

For this project, we were using a content framework built by one of the senior developers in our team. This was one of the first projects we had used it for, so we were still getting to grips with it. We created components which make up the article - such as a video, an image or a quote section - with Handlebars, JavaScript and SASS and released them via our NPM repo. This allowed us to easily install them and adapt them for our specific use cases. I took responsibility for ensuring that users accessing the story from older browsers (such as IE8), or with JavaScript turned off, would still have an engaging experience - with as many assets working as possible. I also wrote a few grunt scripts to handle various tasks we needed to cover in the process.

The article was released across the BBC World Service sites, in 10 different languages.
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