BBC News: 'What has Trump said about your country?'

Landing page of'What has Trump said about your country?'
I was lead developer on this interactive piece marking Trump's first 100 days in office. I made use of Handlebars, custom Grunt tasks, as well as SASS, JavaScript (ES6) and JQuery to build this project to the specifications of the dedicated journalist and designer.

I made use of Handlebars custom helpers to run JavaScript code server-side (such as creating a section of countries ordered by most tweets) to provide a good non-js experience.

I wrote unit tests for a few of the key functions using Mocha and Chai and tested it more generally using Ruby & Cucumber to check it acted as we had originally intended.

It was featured on the homepage of BBC News and recieved over 1 million views on the first day.

My manager had this to say about the project:
Becky was the lead developer on the "What has President Trump said about your country?" project. It was very popular, and technically is one of our best examples of progressive enhancement. It was built to be accessible and reusable - and Becky was so ahead of the deadline that she was able to write integration tests for it using Ruby and Cucumber.
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