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Hi! I'm Becky Rush, a Brightonian web developer living in London.

I am an inquisitive, hardworking and creative individual, exploring the digital world.
I create engaging and interactive content for BBC News.

I specialise in Front End Web Development, tinkering with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to produce awesome web content.
I also have skills in Data Gathering & Analysis, Digital Design, WordPress, Public Speaking, Copy Writing and Blogging.


  • "Becky was able to build on her front-end knowledge and enthusiastically picked up new skills throughout her time as a trainee in Visual Journalism. After a few months she was as productive as any of our full-time developers"

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  • "Becky is a wonderful person to work with and has been a great asset to all of the city event projects we have delivered. She is a natural problem solver and has shown a clear understanding of our needs as well as providing clever solutions when needed. She rocks!"

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  • "I knew how I wanted my author website to look and work - but had no idea how to make it happen. Fortunately, Becky stepped in and created a website that I love. She talked me through the process, answered all my IT questions – even the daft ones – and provided great value for money."

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  • "Working with Becky to develop my website has been a really useful and positive experience. I found her to be patient and attentive to what I wanted from the website. I don't have a technical background so I was reassured by her use of simple, but not patronizing, language to explain to me what she was doing and if and how things may or may not work."

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  • "Accurate and creative work not usually found in one so young"

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  • "Rebecca was fundamental in the construction of many of our promotions and would make an excellent addition to any team."

  • "Becky is a joy to work with"

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